Hair serums are magical. We all should agree. Reviving dull locks with an extra hint of shine is what it does the best. But do we actually use the power of this product correctly? Let us take a quick look!


1)Let your hair do the talking & pick the right serum.

Every hair type needs a personalized care. Therefore choosing the right serum for your hair is an essential & unavoidable step. In case of oily hair, a lightweight serum works the best.  For dry & frizzy hair, serums with ingredients such as castor & rosewood that can provide hydration to the hair are a good option to try. For damaged hair, one should go with a keratin infused hair serum & for dry, coarse hair, cream based serums are always great.


2) Keep it calm & don’t over apply it.

Yes, you read it right. Applying hair serum above the ideal quantity range can create an adverse affect on your hair making them flat & greasy, and you don’t want to show up at a party like that.


3) Warm it up!

This is a simple yet quite efficient step. Rubbing hair serum between palms before applying it is vital for smooth & even application.


4) Do not touch the roots!

NO. You cannot and shouldn’t apply a hair serum onto your roots. It will make your scalp look greasy which isn’t a good idea if you are going on a date. To avoid that, apply the serum only on the lengths of your hair that tend to be drier than the scalp and need more hydration.


5)Use it for styling

If you are a fan of heat styling then hair serums are ideally your best friend. Before you begin your straightening ritual, apply some of that hair serum on your lengths to avoid heat damage on your beautiful tresses.


6) Apply on washed hair

It is important to apply a hair serum on clean hair for a frizz free, shiny texture that for sure calls for a good hair day. Your hair will look greasy & weighed down if you apply it on unwashed hair. You definitely need to avoid that.


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