We all have been through phases in our lives where hair fall was the main character of the movie. Be it change of seasons, pollution, or just our hormones. This type of fall is the worst heartbreak of all.

Thank God for Salons & Hair Spas – to the rescue! A super de-stressing therapy that not only calms you well but also is beneficial for your scalp to get that extra boost of healthy-looking, shinier hair.

How does Hair Spa exactly help in reducing hair fall? Let us enlighten you.

1. It regulates oil production

A big NO to the oily scalp because who wants flat, thin hair? An oily scalp tends to attract more dirt leading to hair fall. A consistent hair spa will help regulate the oil secretion on the scalp which is vital for healthier hair. On the other hand for a dry scalp, a hair spa will help promote oil secretion resulting in lustrous hair.

2. It improves blood circulation

Blood is that miracle that supplies oxygen and nutrients to all body parts including our hair. And without oxygen, there is no life. Isn’t it? Hair spas involve head massages that are a great way to circulate & enhance blood flow thereby delivering oxygen to lifeless hair for regaining health.

3. Unclogs pores & removes impurities from the scalp

An oily scalp tends to attract excessive dirt, dust, and dead cells leading to clogged pores and impurities on the scalp that undoubtedly results in hair fall. And believe us, this is not something your scalp would enjoy if left untreated. A hair spa will help clean the scalp of impurities and unclog pores to let those lustrous locks fly.

4. Strengthens follicles

Moisturization and nourishment are the main ingredients of hair spa therapy. While undernourished hair follicles lead to damaged and weak hair, it is one of the main reasons for hair fall. A hair spa treatment will assist in moisturizing and deep- conditioning the hair and in turn strengthening hair follicles for the hair of a lifetime.

5. Reduces stress

It’s 2022 but stress isn’t aging. Instead, it is growing with time. We can’t control stress but we can manage its effect on us. A rejuvenating head massage that comes along with a hair spa is the best part of the entire therapy! It is the definition of relaxation and helps you focus better and stay productive.