Let’s face it, more than good hair days we go through bad hair days. Heat styling, humidity and so many other things are out there to make those locks go gaga. Frizzy hair is the most common issue faced by everyone & it’s not just difficult to tame those tresses but to maintain it as well.

Here are the 3 most efficient salon hair treatments for frizzy hair –





A hair Botox treatment ideally involves deep conditioning of the hair to boost its health. The process is quite simple and chemical & formaldehyde-free that involves hair coating from compounds that assist in frizz control. The benefits? Super gorgeous & shiny hair.

  • It helps eliminate frizz and adds shine & gloss to the hair.
  • It deeply conditions & therefore smoothens the hair.
  • Adds volume whereas also repairs any damage.
  • It doesn’t guarantee straight out but will definitely assist in hair smoothening.






Cysteine treatment is yet another protein-based treatment that uses cysteine complex to nourish, smoothen & straighten hair strands. It is an effective hair treatment to get rid of hair frizz & dullness. This treatment is ideal for hair that has been damaged due to styling and chemical treatments and is in dire need of shine and overall health of the hair.

  • This treatment is gentler as it does not include formaldehydes that are used in other treatments.
  • It can last up to 4 months depending on each hair type.
  • It’s free from chemicals that make it safe to be used by pregnant women.
  • New hair growth won’t come out as wavy or curly or show any potential difference between natural & treated hair.







Keratin treatments are ideal for frizzy, dull hair that require long-lasting shine & smoothness. As Keratin is a natural element present in our hair, it might get depleted due to external factors and affect the quality of the hair. In the process of a Keratin treatment, Keratin is added artificially to the hair to make it restore its softness & shine and therefore its quality.

  • Restores natural protein in the hair & makes hair manageable and create significant smoothness & luster.
  • Results can last up to 3 months (varies with each hair type) & one saves a lot of time on hairstyling.
  • Frizz-free, healthy looking hair guaranteed.

By Simran Motwani |  July 28, 2022