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India's Fastest Growing Salon Chain


Why Us ?

  • 20 years of Industry Experience
  • Reputed brand
  • Pan India presence 27 salons growing by the year
  • International presence 6 salons in Dubai
  • Widespread brand awareness
  • Resonates with the Gen next
  • Preferential destination for big brands
  • Catchment Analysis
  • Skill testing










About the brand     

JUICE is one of India’s trendiest salon chains with 31 branches spread internationally. In India Juice has a widespread presence across metros and mini-metros catering to the beauty needs of ardent fashion followers, trendsetters and celebrities. Being in existence for almost two decades, JUICE has become a leader and benchmark in the hair, beauty and nail care industry.

This leading salon chain aims to bring the latest fashion trends and cutting-edge technology to their customers in a comfortable and sleek environment, using the best international products in the market. Hair stylists at JUICE believe that perfect beauty is different for every person which is why they do not mass produce but tailor-make a look, keeping in mind an individual’s features when conceiving their cut and colour.

As a brand JUICE is extremely stylish, fun and international, and has experienced a period of unprecedented growth over the last two decades and continues to keep the art of hairdressing fresh and live.

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Help we offer     

Brand name

Finding the perfect location

Design layout & BOQ

Interior designing support

Hiring the right talent

Training the team

Special Discounts for retail and floor use products

In Salon training for Hair, Nail and Skin

World class Software

Innovative and result oriented Marketing

Operational Assistance

Salon industry: A Lucrative Investment Segment

The beauty and salon industry is growing rapidly with a huge base of consumers entering it every year at a rate of 15-20%. The emergence and growth of the spa and beauty salon industry in India has been unprecedented. It is currently estimated at USD 950 million. The industry is pegged to reach $190 billion by 2024.

There’s a lot of potential in the Indian beauty and salon industry. Consumers are becoming more aspiration driven which has led to evolution of concept of grooming and beauty for both the male and female segment in order to enhance their appearances. The revenue is expected to rise because of increases in per capita disposable income and declining unemployment over the last five years. Even the consumers are ready to pay a premium amount to pamper themselves with these services. The rising affluence of the middle-class segment has upgraded their consumption lifestyle and increased their willingness to buy beauty products and services. The rise in women entering the work force has increased the beauty business especially hair and nails.

The importance of partnering with an established Brand under the COVID era:

The beauty industry has always been resilient and bounced right back in times of adversity. Though this current scenario presents a unique set of challenges, as an established brand with a diverse presence across India and in Dubai it enables us to better assimilate learning’s, implement new SOP’s & enhanced ways of operating in a speedier manner. We are able to offer & design some of the best practices in the industry be it hygiene & safety protocols or new improved ways of doing business. Working with a brand like Juice also ensures an in depth understanding of changing customer trends, assistance in developing new business models to address these trends, better information flow to comprehend these new emerging market demands. To ensure a healthy business also requires a greater partnership between all the stakeholders; being a large brand we are able to have a greater leverage over our stakeholders. As a trusted name among customers we are also able to retain customer confidence in these trying times thereby ensuring business stability.

Why Invest in Covid era?

  • Take advantage of lower rents or profit-sharing agreements
  • Design layout & BOQ
  • Changes of buying a fully furnished salon and converting it into a Juice Salon
  • Massive availability of manpower at cheaper rates
  • Humongous marketing support from the brand
  • Better rates for Interiors and fittings
  • Opportunity to build salons as per new safety guidelines
  • Be a part of a new era of change in the Beauty Industry

Some of the Best practices Implemented at Juice

  • Social distancing protocols followed in salon.
  • Promoting Pre-payment & pre-booking of appointments.
  • Daily Temperature checks of clients and Staff
  • Compulsory use of sanitizer before & after each service.
  • Obligatory use of gloves, face shields & masks.
  • Better rates for Interiors and fittings
  • Work with single use fabrics & tools for each client. Dedicated uniforms in salon for the staff.
  • Clean tools, product packaging, styling station and hair washing basin after each client.
  • Salon surfaces are cleaned minimum 2 times per day.